My Benchmaster Horizontal Milling Machine

Copyright 1999 by James P. Riser

Below is an assortment of images of my Benchmaster Horizontal Milling machine. It takes Morse taper #2 collets using a drawbar and came with two arbors (7/8" and 1"). These pictures have been posted to help other home shop machinists in identifying or setting up their machines. Enjoy. Below is the original drive setup.

Since I made the above images, I have modified the drive system to provide slower rpms for larger cutters. The images below illustrate the drive system as it is now. This new system provides three slower speeds. Only three of the motor pulley steps are used (I already had the pulley). This drives a ball bearing idler pulley which, in turn, drives the spindle.

In the background can be seen the idler pulley support arm.


Well, there have been additinal changes/improveents to the drive system with the addition of a three phase gear otor and VFD. This is the current and final drive system.


Here is a video of the machine running at slow speed in the pulley low range.

Here is a video of the machine running at high speed but still in the pulley low range. Much higher speeds are possible.

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