Reconditioned Blacksmithing Equipment and My Forging Area


James P. Riser

Since needing to forge some special tools and not wanting to invest in new equipment, I have been able to acquire a couple of nice anvils, post vises, and assortment of tongs for my work. I have posted this page so that others might see the potential in older equipment and how I have arranged my forging area.

This first anvil is a 125 pound Vulcan Arm and Hammer anvil.

Condition when bought..................................Condition after restoration....................

The second anvil is a 135 pound Fulton anvil.

Condition when bought

Condition after clean up

Both of these anvils required extensive grinding to remove rust pits, chips, and hammer dings from a former life.

In addition, I have acquired a couple post vises to go with the anvils. These post vises have not yet been cleaned up for use. They are posted so that others might see what they look like. These vises are constructed to take heavy pounding. They fasten to the bench top and the leg extends down to the floor to transfer forces.

Also I have located several blacksmithing tongs in my travels. These are posted so that you might see the variety that I have far.

Also I have needed to assemble a small collection of hammers. I will be adding to these.

This is how I have arranged everything for working efficiently:



The two anvils are placed so that I may use either as needed. Each anvil has characteristics that I like for certain jobs. The tongs hang out of the way; but close if I need them.







I have placed an old Canedy Otto self feeding post drill on the wall next to the tongs. Using this is great exercise!

Click here for more images of this drill.




The post vises are attached to a heavy old lathe bench for stability. My homemade propane forge (sitting on top of a recycled trash compactor cabinet) is to the right of this bench.


Click here to see construction of my forge.


Click here to see my forge in action.



I hope this page will be of interest to others entering the field of blacksmithing.

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