The Hall Collet Closer

Copyright 2010 by James P. Riser

I had never seen one of these until a friend emailed me asking about the system. He ended up buying one which I later bought from him to put on a nice later model 12" Atlas lathe headstock to use as a polishing lathe.

The collet closer body is made to mount on a 1 1/2" - 8tpi lathe spindle as found on many of the older U.S. made lathes. This Hall system does not utilize the usual collet draw bar setup. Instead it is nose mounted and operated by a long lever.

I have put together this web page as reference for others who might come across a Hall Collet Closer.



Here it is screwed on to test for size.


There is a 1" brass bar in the collet in all photos.






The bottom of the long operating lever arm has a projection to hold it in a vertical position and to serve as a pivot for operation of the lever. I decided to use an eyebolt for the pivot. Not much leverage is required and this is an easy modification to the lathe headstock.






Below are additional views:


The collet closer in the closed position.


And in the open position.


The collets look like this.

If you need additional information on this systen, click below to view the patent papers.

Patent application papers for the Hall Collet Closer.