Used Items Offered For Sale

This web page will be updated every now and then as I thin out my magic collection.

If you see something you want, please email me to make certain that it is still available. Everything will be payable by PayPal to

USA shipping only. No foreign orders. Shipping will be extra.

Large Abbott's Type of Birdcage ... $100 + shipping

This cage is 1" longer than the standard Abbott Cage. All it needs is reribboning and you will have a nice cage.

Two Merv Taylor Appearing Cages

These are two actual Merv Taylor small sized appearing cages. Both include a small red bird. Both are in good working condition.

Cage 1 ... $195 + shipping



Cage 2 ... $195 + shipping


Original U.F. Grant UN-Cola ... $80 + shipping

This is an old original from U.F. Grant. If you want to perform with it, you will need to give it a cleaning and new paint job. I have left it original in case a collector is interested.



Card Go ... $100 + shipping


Merv Taylor Combination Fire Bowl and Dove Pan ... $120 + shipping




Some oxidation. Metal is undented (heavy copper). Trigger activated.

Note: I will consider swaps.

More items soon ...