Stereo Pairs Images


Las Vegas in the Early Morning

Copyright 2000 by James P. Riser

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Viewing Stereo Pair images:

For viewing, you need to place the two images side by side. With digital images this is easily done using image processing software. Be sure to keep track of which image goes on the right and on the left. They should be in the correct positions for viewing. I have done all of this for you in the images seen below. To view the images all you need to do is stare at them with your eyes looking straight ahead (not converging or cross-eyed). As you stare at them, a third virtual image will seem to appear between the stereo pair. You will be able to focus on this image and it will appear to be three dimensional. The effect is wonderful! This method of viewing the images without lenses or special glasses is termed "free viewing" by parallel vision. It is easiest to view the 3-D image if the total width of the stereo pair is no wider than six inches - hence the small images.

If you are having difficulty seeing the 3-D effect, you might try holding a 5" x 7" index card between your eyes as you look at the two images. Or you might make a "binocular" from two toilet paper tubes. Look through these tubes - right eye at right image and left eye at left image. Keep trying to see it. Do not give up after the first attempt.

The Stereo Pairs Images..........

The images below were all taken as an experiment to try out my newly designed and built camera mount for making stereo images. I attempted to get scenes which would show off the 3-D effect to the best advantage. They are posted here for your viewing pleasure. Click here to see the camera mount.

At the Bellagio:

At the Luxor:

Inside King Tut's Tomb:


At the Paris: