My Tippmann Boss Leather Sewing Machine

Copyright 2006 by James P. Riser









The Tippmann Boss is a hand powered sewing machine designed for sewing thick materials like leather, nylon webbing, rubber, etc. I have mounted mine on a homemade bench so that I might sit as I sew and freely move the machine around where it is needed. Since I took the above picture, I have added a thread storage shelf below the bench top.


The Boss is powered by the hand lever on the right side of the machine.

The "hand brake" on this lever is squeezed to raise the foot.

The thread size shown being used here is 207.







The Tippmann Boss is a needle feed machine.

Shown at the left is the heavy needle guide. Also shown is the open loop foot.

The leather being sewn here is 1/4" thick.

Notice the roller edge guide. This is an optional, but useful, item.








Here is an example of the lockstitch made by The Boss.






Below are pictures of stitching on some old dry leather scraps done as examples:


1/4" Thick ...

Top surface


Dried out bottom surface


Top surface


Bottom surface


3/8" Thick ...

Top surface


Bottom surface


3/4" Thick ...

Top surface


Side view


Bottom surface


I am quite pleased with the stitching on all thicknesses.





The bobbins are a fairly good size; but with very heavy thread, the bobbin seems to empty quickly.






The bobbin case.




The roller guide in position and swung out of the way.





Keeping with the manual theme of the machine, I decided to use an old

hand drill for winding my bobbins.

I have a left, centter, and right foot in addition to the loop foot shown above.






Small and large needles.




An assortment of needles available for The Boss.



Yes, it will work on thick cloth too. Here are 9 layers of a velvet type material sewn by The Boss.