A Collection of Images of My Gorton 375-2 Grinder (for reference)

Copyright 2009 by James P. Riser






The Gorton 375-2 grinder will grind milling cutters, as well as, single lip cutters. I have posted these images as reference for those interested in such things. When I bought this grinder, it had a plug in the threaded hole for the drip oiler. I removed this plug and installed an old oiler that I had in the shop. Both the Gorton 265 and 375 grinders utilize the same cartridge type of spindle. I found these prints of the 265 grinder and decided that I would set it up with the oiler as in my 265. This allows lubing the bearings at both ends as needed.


The original drawings for the Gorton 375 show the drip oiler...

Some of the needed "extras"...


As you can see the tool holder on this model allows more adjustments than that of the 265 model.


Click here to see my Gorton 265 grinder.