How I Make Specialized Folding Coins

Copyright 2006 by James P. Riser



In the example shown below, I am making a folding silver dollar to go with a specialized type of coin wand. I like to make the cut for the slot for the tiny rubber bands using my jewelers lathe.


Shown mounted in the lathe spindle is a wax chuck. The coin will be attached to this with super glue or shellac.


Below are three views of the mounted and centered coin.


The coin is removed from the wax chuck with gentle heating.


Rather than using a graver to cut the slot, I often use my jewelers piercing saw.


Here is shown the slot being cut. The lathe is running in reverse for this operation or the blade is reverse mounted.


The completed slot looks like this.


The next operation is to cut the coin into thirds. Some specialized coins are not cut into thirds.


The coin is carefully measured and marked. It is placed onto a "V" notched board for cutting.


The cutting in progress. I lube the blade as I cut.


I prefer to add very slight waves to the cuts in the coin to help hold the coin in alignment when fully opened. For some applications, a profile cut is made. Such a cut will not work on this projuct as the coin must take up minimum space when folded.



The cuts are barely visible on the completed coins.


Two small rubber bands have been installed and the coin is shown being folded.


Notice how the coin hinges back on itself without over stretching the double rubber bands.


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