Genii Experiment #1

Copyright 2009 by James P. Riser

This small collection of web pages was assembled as an experimental extension of Tom Stone's series in Genii Magazine. I wanted to see if extending the info given in an article was possible and worth attempting. Eventually, the magazine will be available in digital format and now is a good time to start experimenting with the digital options. This is all my doing - so do not blame Richard if you are displeased with what I have done.

In the series Tom Stone showed examples of his notebooks - a necessity for keeping track of all of the ideas that flow through the mind. Rather than formal notebooks, I keep my notes on colored slips of paper. Examples:


In the current article you will notice that Tom referred back to his notebooks for help in designing the routine he was developing. Having the notebooks saved much time and effort in creating the routine. It is never too late to start your own notebooks.

The article to be "extended" with this set of example web pages is friend Tom Stone's Silver, Sorcery & Story Structure. In this article Tom expands upon what he has written in previous articles and presents a concrete example of the ideas previously discussed. The web pages here show how it is possible to make the required apparatus for the effect being discussed. Many will already possess the required apparatus and not require nor necessarly desire this information. But for those interested in making their own apparatus, perhaps this extension of the original article may prove helpful.

Please remember that the examples given here are only one method for producing the required apparatus. The examples shown are not the only way to make the items nor are they necessarily the very best way to do so.

I would appreciate any feedback on "the idea" of extending the original Genii article. Please respond with any comments on The Genii Forum so that others might feel free to join in on the discussion. If such extensions to the magazine are deemed worthwhile, future experimentation will include sound, video, animations, etc. This is only the beginning. Enjoy.

Jim Riser, Tucson

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Making a Coin Stack

Making Soft Coins

Making a Folding Coin

Making a Leather Cylinder