The Riser Card Punch


2002a Model

Copyright 2002, 2003, 2004 by James P. Riser

What is a Card Punch?

A card punch is a small device for indectably marking playing cards so that they can be identified or located by touch only. Originally these were used by crooked gamblers to cheat unsuspecting card players. The card punches I make are for magicians to use to help them create "miracles" for their audiences. The card punch enables a magician to concentrate on the presentation without needing to look at the cards during the performance. In the hands of an imaginative performer the card punch can help to create apparent miracles.

The Card Punch:

This is the older model of my card punch. It has been replaced with a new design.

I have several different versions on the drawing board and may introduce them at any time. The current version has evolved over the years into the tiny instrument shown here.

This card punch features an adjustable and replacable "pin". The allen head set screw secures the pin in the desired location. This feature allows the user to control the depth of the dimple or projection punched into the cards.


This is the new style of my card punch - the 2004a model.

It features a much easier to adjust pin - the same style as is used in my Ultimate Card Punch.

It comes with the fine point pin only.


How is a Card Punch used?

The card punch has an adjustable pin point which presses or punches an extremely tiny depression into a playing card. The depth of this depression is controlled by adjusting the pin. The performer is not concerned with the depression; but, rather, with the raised projection on the other side of the card. By the initiated this tiny bump can easily be felt when dealing the cards. The imaginative performer will immediately see the possibilities. The cards may be punched from either side depending upon the needs and desires of the performer.

I prefer to punch cards along a black line of the card face or through the card index itself. Where the cards are punched varies with the needs of the magician and how the cards are handled. Being left handed, I will tend to punch cards in different locations than right handed performers. In addition, I often punch some cards on one side and other cards on the reverse side for various special effects. Shown below is the card punch in operation.


This card has been punched from the face side - the projection is barely visible.


This projection is more easily seen with extreme edge lighting as shown here.


In use, the projections will never be noticed by the spectators; but easily felt by the performer.

In case you have never seen it before, here is an Evil Jack getting "punched out"!

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