The Riser Ultimate Chop Cups

Copyright 2004 by James P. Riser



There has never been a Chop Cup exactly like these.

What others are saying about these new cups:

Arthur Atsma: "This is the best chop cup I have ever owned, and I love the way it
feels, and works. The size is excellent for the platform work I do. The
gimmick is so hidden, and the cup looks like ..a cup! This is simply the

Ed Parrish: "And it sure is a dandy! I love doing a couple of pure-sleights with the baseball hidden in the cup and then offhandedly asking a spectator to hand me the cup."

George Guerra: George even made his own link (click here)

I have not yet decided for how long I will offer these new chop cups. When I am tired of making them, I will stop production. They will not always be available.

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There are two sizes (note: The Riser Tall is discontinued):

The Riser Shorty (in copper) is for close-up workers and is designed to produce a tennis ball.

The Riser Tall (in aluminum) is for platform/stage workers and is designed to produce a baseball.


The Riser Ultimate Chop Cup - a few pictures:

The Riser Shorty (copper)

Cup inside diameter at the mouth is 2 13/16"

Height is approximately 3 1/4"

Weight is an impressive 11 ounces + or - a fraction of an ounce (normal variances between hand spun cups)

The Riser Shorty was carefully designed and spun to just barely hold a tennis ball. These images clearly demonstrate how close the fit is within the cup.

By making everything such a close fit, the load appears much larger in relation to the size of the cup.




The Riser Shorty comes standard with the 1 1/8" ball set. Several magicians like to utilize the silk and shot glass moves in their chop cup routine and I supply the Riser Shorty with the required shot glass (after October 1, 2004).

On the left is shown the Riser Shorty with the special shot glass.

And the Riser Tall...(discontinued) The description has been left available for reference.


The Riser Tall was designed with extra height to allow a regulation sized baseball to be "wedged" into the special taper of the top section of the cup. This wedging allows the cup to behave like a chop cup without requiring a gimmicked baseball.

This extra height was designed to enable a short pure sleight of hand segment to be incorporated into the chop cup routine while the baseball is securely held within the top of the cup.

The baseball is dislodged after the climax of the sleight of hand segment by merely bring the hands together. The ball can be held in position by tthe little finger as the cup is placed on the table.

This makes the final load production occur well after the actual loading.



Note: Both styles of cup come with a bag designed to hide the final load and eliminate a pocket steal of this load.

To support my policy of forcing magicians to be creative and develop their own original routines - no routine is included.

If you can not create your own routine, please do not order these items.

The Riser Ultimate Chop Cups are currently sold out - please email me before ordering any. The price is $255 each.

Payment by money order or by credit card. Please email me to check availability of these cups before ordering below.

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Also available in aluminum...

Note: The Aluminum Shorty Cup is semi-polished and semi-finished on the inside rather than the highly finished appearance on the copper version. This is to allow the aluminum cup to truely resemble an everyday item in less than pristine condition.

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